At Rival Bros., our team brings a diverse array of experiences from the world of cafes and restaurants, from baristas and cooks to managers. This blend of culinary backgrounds helps us see coffee as more than just a drink—it's an essential component of the customer experience. Our expertly roasted coffees are trusted by top chefs and leading restaurants to enhance their offerings.

Founded in 2011, Rival Bros. Coffee has quickly become a fixture in Philadelphia. Our cafes, deeply rooted in local ownership, are integral parts of the community and offer a personal alternative to the larger, more corporate brands. Our commitment to the city and surrounding areas influences every aspect of our business, adding a unique flavor to our offerings.

Our mission is straightforward: to provide high-quality coffee that elevates every cup served, whether in our cafes or in your establishment.

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Why Partner with Rival Bros. Coffee?

Exceptional, Responsibly Sourced Coffee: We meticulously source and roast the finest beans to ensure each batch is fresh and flavorful, enhancing your establishment's offerings.

Customized Coffee Solutions: Our comprehensive wholesale program is tailored to integrate seamlessly with your operations, from crafting coffee menus to routine quality checks.

Advanced Equipment and Maintenance: We supply and maintain top-tier brewing equipment, coupled with extensive staff training, to ensure smooth operations.

Streamlined Ordering Through Our Online Portal: Our straightforward online wholesale portal simplifies managing your coffee needs, allowing you to focus on your customers.

Dedicated Quality Control and Routine Maintenance: We uphold the highest standards in both our products and services, ensuring reliability and quality in every cup.

Social Media Support and Collaborative Marketing: Joining Rival Bros. extends beyond great coffee; it’s about enhancing your community presence through collaborative marketing and social media initiatives.

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At Rival Bros., we prioritize quality, transparency, and exceptional service. We are proud to collaborate with distinguished cafés, restaurants, and markets both locally and beyond.

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