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Sumatra - Asman Gayo Mill

Sumatra - Asman Gayo Mill

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Sumatra - Asman Gayo Mill   

Location: Aceh
Producer:  Smallholders of Pantan Musara
Varietal: Ateng, Bor Bor, Catimor, Timor
Altitude: 1300-1650 MASL
Process: Washed

We Taste:  Honeydew, rhubarb, dark chocolate

Single Origin / Medium Roast.


The westernmost province of Indonesia, Aceh operates autonomously on the island of Sumatra. Rich in resources and biodiversity, the geography of Aceh is well-suited to producing incredible coffees. Beaches ensconce inland swamps and quickly transition into the foothills of the Barisan Mountains. Tucked in amongst the rainforest, coffee is grown on the slopes of these volcanic mountains which in turn feed Lake Taboa, one of the largest volcanic lakes on Earth. Smallholders comprise the bulk of production here at over 95% (less than 1 hectare of land) with 80% of them being run by women.

Life in Sumatra is not without its risks, however, as the villagers of Pantan Musara have recently rebuilt their homes and farms after a major natural disaster on the heels of the tsunami in 2004. Recovery takes time, but presents ample opportunity; the Asman Gayo mill serving these villages assists in producing both washed and natural coffees - a somewhat uncommon occurrence here owing to the heavy cloud cover and humidity of the region making typical washed processing a challenge.

This microlot of washed coffees from the peoples of Pantan Musara is one of those exceptions with a complex variety of flavors. Earthy, heavy notes of toasted hazelnut and dark chocolate are balanced out by pleasant minerality and citric notes of rhubarb, golden grapes and the mildest hint of vanilla.


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