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Ethiopia Gera - Anaerobic Prep

Ethiopia Gera - Anaerobic Prep

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 Location: Djimma, Harrar
Producer: Gera Estate
Varietal: Heirloom
Altitude: 1880-2180 masl
Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
We Taste: Raspberry, Guava, Hibiscus


A special preparation from one of our long-standing relationships, coffee from the Gera Estate helps form the sweet and citric finish of Whistle & Cuss. This coffee, however, is something else entirely. Initially using the drying process for natural coffees to help spur fermentation early on, the coffee is then depulped and stored in airtight containers and flushed with carbon dioxide to control the rate of fermentation for twenty-four hours or more.

The Gera Estate is located in the Djimma region of Ethiopia at altitudes over 2,000 meters above sea level. This altitude combined with the nitrogen-rich plants and natural fertilizers used on the estate provide excellent growing conditions for specialty coffee. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used; production there focuses on sustainability and good working conditions for its employees. Housing, childcare and education, clean drinking water, electricity, healthcare, and recreational facilities are provided for all of its employees free of charge.

The lot is Grade 1 handpicked coffee cherry, so nothing under or overripe makes its way into this separation. This finished lot seems to have struck the middle ground between the boozy, acetic character of last go-round and a classic natural profile. On grinding, this coffee pops with cherry limeade and passionfruit fragrances hinting at more. As this coffee brews and cools, it embodies a caramelly peach tart front with pineapple-like acidity finishing into soft straw- and raspberry preserves. There are traces of the drier, mineral notes from last harvest but overall the fermentation seems to have been tweaked into gentler territory.

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