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Costa Rica Las Candellillas 4 Hermanas - 5lb

Costa Rica Las Candellillas 4 Hermanas - 5lb

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Costa Rica Red Honey - Las Candelillas 4 Hermanas

Location: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Producer: Sanchez Family
Process: Red Honey
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
Altitude: 1420 - 1890 MASL

we taste: golden syrup, grape, cantaloupe

Medium Roast

Cuatra Hermanas refers to the team of sisters that help manage La Candelilla Micro Mill. Elsa, Luisa, Miriam, and Ana all contribute to what makes this special mill in the famed Tarrazu region of Costa Rica so incredible. The family consists of 7 in total, each with their own land to cultivate coffee (4 sisters and 3 brothers – all 3rd generation coffee producers). The micro-mill and coffee farms are located where the family grew up in Tarrazu. During summer nights, you can catch a light show of fireflies, or candelillas - little candles - a name coined by a great-uncle for the estate. Three generations ago, the Sanchez family decided to embrace the coffee business by building their own mill. Taking control of their processing allowed them to preserve the legacy of their father and predecessors while allowing them to branch out into multiple processing methods.

La Candelilla was the first independent mill created in Costa Rica in the year 2000.
This year we’ve snagged some of their Red Honey process - a meticulous combination method that relies on preserving the sticky outer layers of mucilage left on the coffee cherry after pulping to impart some sweetness. Although natural processing can vary with regards to moisture controls and rotation of unpulped cherries, honey processing will take into account both ambient temperature and even direct sunlight, resulting in raised drying beds getting covered up from direct sunlight to prevent the mucilage from drying out and lengthening the contact time. Red honey also implies roughly 75% of the mucilage is left intact, whereas a black honey is 100% with golden and white honey comprising the 50 and 25% bands.

Regardless of the processing method on offer, every year has offered consistently great coffees from the Sanchez family and this year is no different. The initial cup is a vibrant and juicy pop of kiwi, ginger candy and cantaloupe. The sweetness of this coffee is a great contrast to what you’d normally expect of a natural coffee - neither cloying nor heavy-handed - and offers a smooth, lightly syrupy body that finishes as crisp, white grapes.

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